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Trusted Skincare From Birth

Babycare: Products

Discover super mild natural solutions for all your baby skincare needs. As parents ourselves, our mission was to create what we couldn't find for our babies - products that meet their needs as naturally and gently as possible, and still effective and safe. At New Leaf, we have parent-peace-of-mind at heart. 




Moisturise naturally from day one

Hydrate and protect baby’s brand new skin with our new 100% organic Baby Oil. Ultra-absorbing, gentle and lightweight, the purest apricot kernel oil and jojoba seed oil team up to lock-in moisture, providing everything newborn skin naturally needs.


Pure Simple Soothing

Cherish and protect their precious skin with the gentlest of baby lotions. Fragrance-free, nature-inspired and specially formulated for babies and infants, this caring concoction of coconut oil, cocoa butter and glycerine hydrates and soothes, yet is light and absorbable.



Cleanse hair, head and body from day one

Nourish and cleanse your baby’s delicate skin and hair top-to-toe with this gently foaming formula. Ultra-mild yet multitasking, this smart soothing wash brims with a nature-loving line-up of shea butter and camellia seed oil to mildly yet effectively cleanse hair and body.


Cleanse and care from day one

Cleanse your baby’s skin effectively yet naturally as they delight themselves in clouds of caring bubbles. Our mild and gentle bubble bath with added oat extract and shea butter helps condition the water while protecting against dryness.

Baby Bath
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Hello happy baby skin

Treat brand new skin to the baby-loving New Leaf line-up of Baby Oil, Baby Wash and Baby Bath. Gentle, safe, and naturally inspired, this trio of skincare essentials is brimming with nature’s most nurturing ingredients – everything a new parent needs to cleanse and nourish baby top-to-toe with confidence and care, right from day one. 

Baby's cleanse and nourish kit.

Celebrate the arrival of a new baby with this quartet of skincare essentials that has been lovingly crafted to protect and care for baby's delicate skin.  Enriched with oils and plant extracts, our skin-nourishing baby range provides parents with all-round care for their mini me.  The perfect gift from a friend or family or treat to yourself!  

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