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    Paediatrician Approved 
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Healthy, hydrated skin should be a given at every age.  At New Leaf Skincare we focus on using the highest possible percentage of natural ingredients, fine-tuning the balance between science and nature, to create one of the most natural skincare lines on the market.  A skincare range carefully crafted to nourish skin, just like we nourish our bodies, and to give real results.   

Happy skin. From our family to yours.

From soft supple skin and radiant faces, to babies that smell just like babies – discover real results with formulas that harness nature’s powers while avoiding unnecessary chemicals.

We believe that food is medicine and just like we feed our bodies, we also need to feed our skin with good nutrition. In fact, that’s how New Leaf began – from the need to access effective, affordable skincare products that were as natural as possible for our family, yet still safe to use. Guided by midwifes to use natural oils on our babies, our baby range was born; we studied the science of skincare alongside the wisdom of nature and started to formulate our own effective solutions. We fed our skin. The results were amazing.

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The New Leaf Skincare Journey

Feed your skin healthy

The New Leaf journey began in our kitchen using natural home ingredients, plant and herb extracts and specially chosen raw ingredients, selected for their powers to replenish the skin naturally.  By harnessing nature’s strengths, our lotions and creams help protect against skin complaints by soothing the root cause.  

We’ve discovered that visible long-lasting results are often achieved when we feed our skin with the most nutritious and natural ingredients – that’s why you’ll find our products brimming with superfoods like oats, green tea and liquorice. Our products contain the minimal necessary amount of industry-approved preservative, to keep formulas safe.



Specially formulated for newborns, from day one

Soft, mild and so gentle, our baby range is reassuring skincare for newborn skin and beyond. With rigorous product testing and natural nurturing ingredients, you can rest assured even the newest baby skin is in safe hands – now and as they grow.


Nature's powers, bottled

Our passion for feeding skin happy is embodied in our skincare range. From superfoods and plant extracts, to herbs and flowers – our ingredients stem from what we can eat, ensuring our range is super safe and effective for even the most sensitive skin.

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